Yellow Boat - A great outdoor activity for families

Right now, we just want to do outdoor activities with the family, enjoy the sun, and spend fun days where kids experience things up close and learn about the world around them. Aboard the Yellowboat, adventure is guaranteed and it's a different, unforgettable day.

Let go of the cables, the adventure begins!

We arrive at Terreiro do Paço and start by literally jumping into the Yellow Boat, beginning a great little trip, full of new experiences and stories to tell. If other boats travel the river, none do it like this one. We move away from the grandiose Comércio Square, once seen by the caravels that arrived and docked there, full of scented products such as spices, oils, perfumes as well as other novelties from distant lands. Comércio Square was the gateway to the city, and continues to be one of the most beautiful ways to welcome those who visit us and arrive by river.

We move into the deep blue - here the Tagus River, which starts out tiny in Spain, in the mountainous area of Albarracín, ends up becoming one of the widest estuaries in Europe. And because of the depth it reaches, it is then possible to receive everything from historic caravels to the newest cruise ships, which even pass by us, side by side, in Lisbon. And who hasn't looked down searching for dolphins? They are present, not only in the Tagus, but we spot them along the Atlantic Coast, especially to the south. It’s a joy, especially for the little ones, whenever they appear and follow us on our way, like real celebrities being photographed by everyone! Being a city with blue skies practically all year round, the colors are vivid and stand out, the blue of the river, the roofs of the houses and palaces on the hillsides, the domes of the Basilica and the Pantheon.

On way to Belém

We head for the monumental Belém quarter, and the journey is exciting, surrounded by light and the calm swell of the river. It is impressive when we pass near the imposing Cristo Rei, or when we pass under the grandiose 25 de Abril bridge; red in color, it reminds us of the San Francisco bridge in the United States, and was even created by the same team of Golden Gate bridge. It is about 3 km long, and has two decks: the upper one for road traffic, and the lower one for the railway connection from Lisbon to the South of the country. And we keep being impressed! As we approach Belém we already see many pleasure boats in the Marina, and the great stone Caravel that stands out, as it seems to be advancing towards the river! Facing the Prince Henrique and the whole Discovery Generation, it is exciting to observe the determined air of all those who set out into the unknown to bring "new worlds to the world," to quote the epic poet Camões in Os Lusíadas. Behind this caravel, which is the Monument to the Discoveries, in the background we see the gardens and the immense Jerónimos Monastery, one of the jewels of the Manueline style, built in the middle of the golden age of maritime discoveries. Just beyond, the Belem tower, which also looks like a galley moving towards the river. This used to control the boats that entered the city from the Tagus. It is contemporary to the Jerónimos Monastery and is the main attraction of a whole monumental and cultural center, of museums, exhibitions, symbols and architecture, of the imaginary of maritime adventures. And aboard a boat like the Yellowboat, the little ones feel like true navigators of discovery!

There is nothing like jumping to land and experiencing up close the fantastic stories and the heroes that were part of them. And if something makes them even more fascinating to those who hear them, it is knowing that they are real! For this very reason, the Yellowboat has a stop in Belém, where you can get off and get back on at the next departures (check timetable). Enjoy!

Belém cakes

We are going to have a chapter dedicated only to Belém cakes. It is well deserved!
At a time when religious orders were being abolished and the search for subsistence gave rise to delicacies such as convent sweets, beers and even brandies, these pastries were created by the monks of the Order of Saint Jerome and today enjoy worldwide celebrity. You can try several versions, but nothing like knowing the original! It is a well-kept secret! The location of the factory can be guessed by the lines that form near the blue shutters, where the aroma of cinnamon, milk, and sugar comes from; for now the lines are not what they used to be, so it is an experience not to be missed! A coffee and two pastries make for a delicious break, but there's also nothing like bringing a package (or two) of half a dozen warm pastries (they come with cinnamon and sugar on the side for sprinkling!) and relaxing in the green gardens of Belém. It's good, isn't it?

The return to Lisbon

After a few moments well spent in Belém, touching history up close, and the thrill of reliving glorious adventures, we return to the Yellowboat, which passes by again to take us away. We observe life on the riverfront: the sidewalk cafés and bars, the music, the outdoor sports, the races between friends, the mascots and their owners that roam the sidewalks and lively gardens. Maat, the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, one of the newest in the city, with modern lines, overlooking the river, has a curious detail: we see people walking on the roof of this magnificent building. As the sunset approaches, the light gives way to the golden colors of a day that ends with the river waters reflecting the last rays of sunlight, and the bars lighting up to start a new part of the day, into the night. If you prefer to return later and still enjoy some of the excitement, the Yellowboat ticket gives you free access to the public trams that pass by on the way to downtown. And it gives you access to the funiculars too! Have a good return!

You can book your Yellow Boat experience on our website, and discover how an outdoor activity can have so much to offer as a family.