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Once accessing and using this Site, as well as when purchasing any product or service offered by CARRISTUR, the User declares that he or she knows and accepts the terms of this Privacy Policy, which can be reviewed at any time.


CARRISTUR will ensure the respect of all legal provisions related to the protection and privacy of personal data, thus adopting the best practices.

To this end, CARRISTUR shall use all appropriate and reasonable means to avoid loss, misuse, modification, unauthorized access and/or misappropriation of personal data made available to CARRISTUR, thus insuring privacy and protection of personal data provided by the user.

All CARRISTUR employees are aware of the responsibility they have when keeping your personal data safe once they are bind by confidentiality obligations.

CARRISTUR shall not be liable for any damages suffered by Users or Clients that have been caused by third parties or any others and due to possible access to data communicated through this site. All users shall be responsible for the protection and appropriate and adequate use of their own passwords, as well as for any computer storage media they shall use when accessing to this Site.

The submission of personal data from individuals under 18 years old shall be performed with prior written consent of their legal representatives and under its specific terms.


Which personal data will be collected on this Site by CARRISTUR?

CARRISTUR can collect personal data of Users of this Site in the following circunstances:

  • Recruitment;
  • Customer support via live chat;
  • Purchase of products or services;
  • Newsletters.

Who is responsible for processing of personal data submitted on this Site?

As a rule, CARRISTUR will be responsible for processing of personal data submitted on this Website, namely, with respect to booking, recruitment and newsletters. These data will be gathered on a computerized personal data file, which will be part of CARRISTUR property.

While responsible for processing your personal data, CARRISTUR insures that these data will only be handled for the purposes for which they were first collected, thus processing, using and keeping only the minimum data required for these same purposes.

All personal data submitted via Webchat, available on the Website, are processed exclusively by a third party independent to CARRISTUR which will assume its liability towards the processing of these same data.

While purchasing a product or service the User may need to submit personal data on the payment platform. These platforms are held and managed by entities external to CARRISTUR and they will assume, in these terms, the responsibility for processing those personal data.

What are the purposes of processing personal data?

Your personal data can be directly submitted by the User's of the Website and they will be processed to fulfill different purposes:

a. Contractual and pre-contractual purposes, namely, concerning personal data related to booking and recruitment which can require mandatory information fields;

b. Marketing and advertising, subject to your prior consent and aiming offers and promotions.

What is the period for storage of personal data?

Your personal data shall be storage for the period considered necessary for the fulfillment of the related purposes.

In case of termination of the contract with CARRISTUR, your personal data may be still held during the period of time strictly necessary for the fulfillment of legal and contract obligations associated with the contract.

Are personal data transmitted to third parties?

Your personal data can only be transmitted to third parties within the scope of fulfilling the related purposes or to other companies part of CARRISTUR group and only for the enforcement of legal obligations and/or for the fulfillment of decisions imposed to CARRISTUR by legal and administrative authorities.

In all other circumstances and except upon prior written consent, your personal data shall not be transmitted to third parties.

Which are the rights I can exercise as owner of my personal data?

In accordance with the applicable law the User is entitled the right to ask CARRISTUR for access, amendment, destruction or limitation of processing of personal data.

The User shall exercise this right directly by e-mail:


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The present Privacy Policy was last updated in July 2018 and CARRISTUR reserves the right to change it, at any given moment, in accordance with the applicable law.