Romantic things to do in Lisbon

Lisbon inspired painters, poets, musicians and even Fado found its noblest feelings here. This city, with its special light, continues to enchant and seduce those who visit it, being the cupid of many.

Romantic things to do in Lisbon

A walk, hand in hand, by the river

And the best time to do it is at sunset! The colors of the city change, the blue of the river becomes denser and the emotions also become stronger😍

Route through Lisbon's main viewpoints

The best photos of the city, together with that special person, will preserve unforgettable moments, worthy of an artistic canvas, to remember later.

Alice-Kotlyarenko photo

Enjoy a glass of wine on a terrace

All senses are stimulated, in the coolest terraces in town, next to the one who makes everything taste better 😋


Attend a concert at Gulbenkian and stroll in its gardens

A special program for a special day, and since love and music are always allied, join them in the perfect romantic setting in the gardens of the Gulbenkian Foundation 🎼

A Ride on the typical Lisbon Tram

Like the magic of an old movie, but without being black and white, the tramcar ride is one of the most romantic programs that the city offers! And we suggest a ride on the Hills Tram tour. We warn you that you will get (even more) butterflies in your stomach.

A Picnic in Monsanto

Spread the blanket in the middle of nature, far from the city (although close) and share a meal for two, in a relaxing moment with the sound of birds for company. 🦉

Taisiia Stupak Photo

A trip to Sintra

Sintra is the romantic mountain par excellence. A small distance from Lisbon, but everything changes: the fairytale-style palaces, the lush vegetation, the exotic flowers and the immense sea that can be seen from above, is an inspiring program. 🏰🌄

River cruise on the Tagus

The breeze of the river, the quiet swell, the fresh air and away from the noises of the city is the ideal program to escape from everyday life and get together. The Yellow boat offers the best views and is therefore a suggestion not to be missed!

Share an Ice Cream

Have you discovered Lisbon's most popular ice cream shops? This is the perfect time to find out if they are also a perfect match in the choice of flavors. But if this suggestion still gives you the chills, we remind you that the gardens of Belém are always full of sunshine and are the best place to share that box of half a dozen Pastéis de Belém that no one can refuse 😁

Konstantino Thanasi Photo 

A trip to the theater

The theater plays are back, and there's something for every taste! Emotions are guaranteed when art stimulates our senses 🎭

A walk through the streets of Alfama and Graça

If your love was the theme of a song, even a Fado, the perfect scenario would be in Alfama, at the window of the old houses, on the stone stairways, next to the flowered viewpoints of Graça or on the battlements of the castle 💘💘💘

Drinking a beer at Lx Factory

Getting out of the everyday life and having a good time in a small world apart is the specialty of Lx Factory, the artistic district where inspiration feeds in all its forms - and even simply enjoying a beer, relaxed, is a different experience, to share with your better half 😉🍻

So here are some ideas to live a different day, because Lisbon is full of inspiring places - were it not itself the subject of so many songs.

Happy Valentine's Day ❤❤❤❤